February 16, 2022, Meeting Agenda and Minutes.

Date: 2/16/2022

Location: Sportman’s Warehouse Roanoke, VA

Current treasury balance: $2996.91

Meeting start: 6:00pm

Meeting end: 6:57pm


  • The chapter may be expecting money to come in to the Treasury in the form of a grant from The Roanoke Outside Foundation, which can go to the Trout in the Classroom (TITC) program, which needs funding.
  • We are also expecting a donation from the Babcock-Wilcox Employee Giving fund.

Trout in The Classroom

  • Volunteers are needed for the TITC program for next school year: contact Jon Wilson @ vaflyfisher@gmail.com.
  • A program coordinator lead is needed for TITC for the upcoming year (2022)
  • The current school year TITC releases are happening the last week of March, also need volunteers to help out at this event. Also contact Jon.

Other Notes

  • Mark Taylor announced TU national is looking to plan tree plantings: April 17-may 1, need volunteers, contact Mark if interested.
  • The Roanoke Triathlon club is looking to partner with our chapter to perform a river clean up along sections of the Roanoke river Greenway; also need volunteers for this.
  • Mark is going to work on extending the delayed harvest sections/regulations along Roanoke river Greenway from Salem to Vic Thomas- next step is submit a proposal to the state by 2/19.

The following positions were elected/confirmed:

  • Ben Garden- elected to board of directors  (VA outside)
  • Steve Elliott – elected to board of directors
  • Kathy Mueller – remains on the board
  • Becky Hancock – remains on the board
  • Dave Holladay – remains on the board

There was a presentation from Ben Garden and Wes Hubbard from VA outside.

They announced that there are Volunteer opportunities with VAO during summer camps. Particularly in search of an entomologist (note: this is a for profit company)

Ben shared the following presentation link he prepared for the group: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vA5VuKg8qe5WIp1ztOJvdHEyjSdt193t/edit#slide=id.p3

Meeting Details:

Our February meeting will be at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Roanoke starts at 6:00 pm, in the upstairs meeting space.

Our guest speaker will be Ben Garden with Virginia Outside; virginiaoutside.com

Ben will present an overview of the Virginia Outside program. He will also discuss how our chapter can help their program, which will help with our youth outreach. Ben has agreed to serve on our chapter Board of Directors. 

Steve Elliott has also agreed to serve on the board. 

At the meeting we will hold an election to elect Ben and Steve to the Board of Directors. 

We are still looking for candidates to fill the President and Vice President rolls. If you are interested in serving the chapter and our community in one of these rolls please contact David Holladay drholladay@cox.net, Jack Ward jacdot1@cox.net, Jon Wilson vaflyfisher@gmail.comor George Keslerkeslerfamily@cox.net

The chapter would like to thank Carrie Metheny, manager of Starky Road Self Storage, and her family for donating 1 year free storage space for our Trout in the Classroom supplies.