Fish Stocking Green Hill Park

Stocking, Green Hill Park, Wednesday, October 26, 2022 arrive by 9-9:30 am,

Delayed Harvest Section of Roanoke River.

TU Stocking and Cleanup Volunteers;

Here are some details for those not familiar with the process:

Due to a shortage of manpower at the hatchery we have been asked to move the trout to river as quickly as possible using hatchery nets or buckets.  There will be no wading out placing trout in holes as in the past.  All trout will be tossed from the bank. The hatchery staff appreciates our help but are on time constraints, so let’s not hold them up any longer than necessary. 

As in the past we will start at the riffles at the tail end of the Hancock pool past the first parking area on the right after you enter the park. After the section above the big rock upstream of the Hancock pool is stocked we usually move all the way to the upper end past the gate and stock back down to the picnic area.

You may want to park in the grass along the road past the first section of pine trees on the right or further up at the first picnic shelter parking lot and walk back the greenway downstream to the starting area. 

Access points were cleared this past week and are in great shape.   There is a Project Healing Waters Fishing Event on Saturday, October 29. 

Buckets and nets will be used to carry trout. After tossing in the trout, fill the buckets half full with water and carry them back to the truck when needed.  Please wear hiking type boots or rubber boots. 

We like to split up the chores by having some handling the buckets at the truck and some to carry the buckets to the river. 

With a good turnout, about 10 volunteers or more, we should be done quickly.  

If you know you can participate let us know, otherwise just show up.

If you are unable to carry buckets feel free to come and observe (and maybe stake out your favorite fishing spots).

George and Jon 

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