April 2018 Meeting’s Minutes


A meeting of the Roanoke Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter 308 was held at Hollins University on

4-18-18 at 7:00 pm.


Patrick welcomed 21 in attendance including one newcomer.


-Patrick recapped our March meeting which is included in the Agenda.

-Recap of Iron Fly event at Ballast Point Brewery. The event was held on the main floor in order to attract patrons at the bar area. There were prizes left over which were raffled at the end of the meeting.

-Project “Fish Stream and Clean was eliminated.

-We were reminded to use “Fish with a TU Member”.


Our featured guest tonight was Dave Hise. He is owner of Orvis endorsed fly shop “Castors” in Hickory, NC. He has 35+ years of fly fishing and tying experience along with many years of guiding and instructing in the industry. Dave tied an assortment of realistic flies which was televised live via Face Book.


-Veterans do not get any discounts for Trout Unlimited membership

-This meeting is Patrick’s last night due to his new work schedule.

-John Loope reached out to conservation officers concerning the use of 911 to report poaching on the Roanoke River and obtained a list of alternative numbers to use that he shared with our group.

-Becky reminded us all of the Alta Mons event on July 10. She announced that there will be approximately 50 children and that the pond will be cleaned up before the event.

– A member at the meeting warned of poachers near the Colorado street bridge on the Roanoke River along with a description of the violators and their vehicle.

-Mark Taylor announced that he had left over beer from the National Meeting and offered it to members to take home.

– Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

                    Minutes filed by Rosie Fox

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