Chapter Meetings Minutes for March 21, 2018

A meeting of the Roanoke Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter 308 was held at Hollins University at 7:00 p.m.

There were 23 in attendance. Patrick welcomed all including a first time visitor who learned of the meeting at Sportmen’s Warehouse.

Patrick recapped February’s meeting which is included in the agenda. He noted that he would like to see more people sign up for the Stream Fish and Clean.
Volunteers are still needed for TIC.
There will be no more mass e-mails unless it’s an emergency.
Becky Hancock discussed the Camp Alta Mons event and the need for volunteers this summer. She gave two possible dates as July 3 or July 10 and passed around a volunteer sign up sheet. Patrick will be posting this information on our website.
Patrick gave the floor to Will Cohen after informing us that the Bonsack Baptist Church has asked our chapter to hold a seminar for their youth about fly fishing. Will described this to resemble the Alta Mons event that would include a slide show about trout fishing, casting and insect ID. He asked for volunteers and feedback from our group. Date TBD.
Patrick announced a need for volunteers for Kids to Parks Day at Wasena Park on Saturday, May 19th from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our chapter will set up a tent and give casting demos.

Patrick stated that we need to establish a financial committee to determine how we can support projects with out using funds from our main budget. He asked for volunteers. A member in the group suggested having board members serve on this committee. Steve Elliot and Mark Taylor volunteered.
Patrick said that he would like more members to get involved and use FB for Fish With A TU Member. This should attract new members.

Matt Reilly, college student, outdoor columnist, and fly fishing guide was our featured guest for this evening. He gave a slide show presentation titled, “MAKING A CONSERVATIONIST”. This was posted on a live FB feed.

POACHING: Patrick spoke with a local county cop who informed him that if you cannot reach a conservation officer-you can call 911 to report poachers. Police and game wardens have the same authority to site poachers.
Free prizes were raffled
Patrick suggested that Kyle Chanitz take over the VP spot in our chapter after Rachel takes the lead as president on Patrick’s departure. Kyle spoke of his experience and passion for the sport of fly fishing. Patrick will still be operating our chapter social media.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes filed by Rosie Fox

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