March 21, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Roanoke Valley Chapter 308

Hollins University

Moody Student Center, Goodwin Room

March 21, 2018 – 7:00 pm


Welcome:  New Members, Visitors, Special Guests


  • Matt Reilly -Making a Conservationist, and Fishing Southwest Virginia

Volunteer / Event Calendar

  • February Recap
    • Stream Fish and Clean will be every third Saturday of the month. How we choose the sites and times will be based upon a group chat via phone/email. Those wishing to participate in this please sign up.
    • President Patrick Frazier will be transferred to Atlanta for work, a contingency plan for a new President must be set into motion.
    • Dave Holladay gave speech about his proposal to VDGIF about changing regulations to streams in the Roanoke Valley.
    • David Mueller talked about dates for TIC and the need for volunteers.
    • Hans Loberg talked about dates for fish stocking at Green Hill park and the need for volunteers.
    • Tommy Lawhorne gave presentation about South River Regulations changes and how they effected Waynesboro.
    • Christian Erickson donated a trail cam to the chapter to give to the Virginia Conservation Police.
    • Mass emails will not be sent out anymore to the chapter in regards to meeting agenda’s, it will be up to members to use the website ( to see the next meetings agenda. Agenda’s will be put up on the website a week in advance of next meeting.

Committee / Volunteer Needs

  • Becky Hancock will be talking about dates and the need for volunteers for Camp Alta Mons.
  • General discussion on Bill Cochran and Bonsack Baptist Church’s wish to
    present a trout fishing  seminar for youngsters, both boys and girls. We are just in the talking stage, and they wanted to see what kind of assistance we might be able to do. No Set Date.
  • Patrick Frazier will be establishing a financial committee; this committee will oversee all aspects of getting the funding that our chapter needs to raise in order for our goals to be met on the Catch and Release Project and the Poaching/Trail Camera Project.
  • Volunteers will be needed for Kids to Parks Day at Wasena Park.
    • Date: Saturday May 19, 2018
    • Time: 12pm – 4pm
    • Will be casting demos and have a table setup to answer any questions about Trout Unlimited.
  • Hans Lober will talk about the Bi-Annual Clean Valley Day on April 7, 2018 9:00 am.
  • Hans Lober will talk about the Green Hill Delayed Harvest Stockings. This will be talked about prior to the chapter going live on Facebook. If you want to join be at the meeting or contact Hans.
  • To not forget to sign up for Project Fish Stream and Clean.
  • To not forget to use Facebook for fish with a TU Member.

Final Announcements

  • Stream Reports
  • Fishing Lies, Door Prizes


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