February 21, 2018 Meeting’s Minutes


A meeting of the Roanoke Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter 308 was held at Hollins University on 2/21/18. The meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m. There were 29 in attendance.


Trout in the Classroom Coordinator Dave Mueller announced the TIC release dates which are listed on the agenda. There are 21 schools in our area involved in TIC. There is interest from other schools but we do not have enough tanks. He gave a brief description of how TIC works. Hans asked Dave if the release dates could be posted on our TU website so the information can get out to members and potential volunteers.


President Patrick Frazier gave a re cap of January’s TU meeting included in the agenda.

In the event of Patrick’s move to another state, VP Rachel Higginbotham and former President Dave Holliday will fill in until a new president is chosen.

Dave Holliday shared his draft of prospective plans to eventually present and work with VDGIF to readjust sections of the Roanoke River and regulation changes on other area stocked trout waters. He outlined two major goals for our fishery:

  1. Angler recruitment and retention
  2. Recreational opportunities

This includes increased youth participation in trout fishing and diversify trout fishing opportunities for all anglers as public access increases.

Dave shared his ideas and strategies to study areas that could hold trout year round through evaluation of habitat and stream monitoring. Dave asked for input and ideas from our chapter members.


Tommy Lawhorne, president of the Shenandoah Chapter of TU and co owner of the South River Fly Shop in Waynesboro was our featured guest. His presentation gave insight into how the South River was made into a year round trout fishery and how it has benefited the community.

The South River has become what our chapter would like to achieve with the Roanoke River. He presented a detailed slide show of how this thriving trout fishery was accomplished starting with charts depicting the time line, temperature monitoring, partnering with local tourism and city/county government, developing contacts with the GIS department, obtaining grants and building a contact list of businesses that could help and would then benefit from visiting anglers.

Because of the efforts that the Shenandoah TU Chapter has made over several years they have been able to develop an incredible fishery in Waynesboro, built up from a river that in the 1970’s was dead from industrial, agricultural and residential pollution.

Tommy’s message to our chapter was to think big and to never give up. He finished up with Q & A and pictures of wild and hold over trout caught in the South River.

                        FINAL ANNOUNCEMENTS

  Patrick announced a need for a fund raising committee to support causes such as trail cams, Roanoke River projects and to maintain funds available for TIC.

  Patrick displayed all the features and links on our new website and demonstrated to the group how to utilize them.

Our chapter needs to use social media to reach out to the younger generation.

The Ballast Point Fly Tying events gets our chapter noticed by attracting people to our tables.

Door prizes were passed around—-pick your own.

Patrick played a you tube video of a Hank Patterson episode.

Dave Holliday awarded a “Plaque of Appreciation” to John Stinnett.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.pm.

Minutes recorded by Rosie Fox

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