February 21, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Roanoke Valley Chapter 308 

Hollins University

Moody Student Center, Goodwin Room

February 21, 2018 – 7:00 pm


Welcome:  New Members, Visitors, Special Guests


  • Tommy Lawhorne – Presentation on South River Changes and how this effected the Waynesboro Community.

Volunteer / Event Calendar

  • January Recap
    • Ballast Point Open Fly Tying Nights (See Flyer)
    • Social Media and Website:
    • Call for photos (send them to roanokevalleytuphotos@gmail.com)
    • Need tentative event days and times to be put on a calendar of events (send these to flybum540@gmail.com
    • Donating trail cams to VDGIF to use at Green Hill Park and Salem City Delayed Harvest Sections
    • Initial planning to getting temperature monitors for Roanoke River and Glade Creek, so that we can start the process of turning these fisheries into Catch and Release Areas.
    • Ideas about local streams that could be suggested to VDGIF about turning into Delayed Harvest Streams and Catch and Release Streams.
    • Iron Fly: (http://pigfarmink.com/iron-fly/)
      • Date:  April 15, 2018 at Ballast Point
      • GoFest
      • December 16, 2018
    • Get Trashed: (http://pigfarmink.com/get-trashed)
    • Initial Planning:  Date, stream, and where to meet before and after event.
    • Fishing/Clean Up Stream Dates
    • Fish with a TU member using social media
    • Establishing a budget for Guest Speakers
  • Board of Directors have approved a budget for guest speakers, this has been set at $500 per calendar year
  • Board of Directors have approved to for the chapter to pay the fee to have the website be a .com.
  • Stream Fish and Clean will be every third Saturday of the month. How we choose the sites and times will be based upon a group chat via phone/email. Those wishing to participate in this please sign up.
  • President Patrick Frazier will be transferred to Atlanta by his employer at the end of April (depending on certain aspects), a contingency plan for a new President must be set into motion.

Committee / Volunteer Needs

  • TIC Trout Release Dates: March 22-23 and March 26-27
    • Need Volunteers – Fly Casting and Fly Tying
  • Hans Loberg – February Stocking and Stream Clean Ups

Final Announcements

  • Christian Erickson is going to donate a trail cam to the chapter to give to the Virginia Conservation Police.
  • Stream Reports
  • Fishing Lies, Door Prizes
  • Alleigh Raymond – Article From The TU Newsletter The Emerger
Women in Fly Fishing by Alleigh Raymond

Women in the fly fishing industry have been relatively uncommon in the sport up until the early 1900s.

It wasn’t until Joan Wulff pioneered making huge leaps and bounds as the “First Lady of Fly Fishing.” She earned that name with pride and paved a way for future generations of women in the sport.

Being a female in such a male-dominated sport can be challenging. Making your voice heard, respected, and viewed as equal are typical struggles I, and fellow women in the industry battle within our angling careers. It shouldn’t be that way. There should never be a barrier that women must break through to be equal in a passion that we should share with joy.

  • Adjourn

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