Minutes from Meeting on January 17, 2018

1/17/18 Roanoke Trout Unlimited Meeting

Patrick commenced the meeting at 7:10 with 15 present

  • Kathy Mueller and Becky Hancock presented Dave Holliday a gift in appreciation for his service as past President to the club.
  • Patrick reviewed the slate of officers elected at the November meeting
    • A member of the Board of Directors stepped down and the position has been filled by Will Cohen


  • Open fly tying will be taking place two Sundays a month at Ballast Point from 3-6 except for this coming Sunday 1/21, which will be 2-5pm
    • The first open fly tying was a success with about 60 people attending
  • Iron Fly- fly fishing’s take on Iron Chef.
    • April 15th and December 16th at Ballast Point
      • Possible event at Go Outside Festival
    • Sponsors will send prizes to give away
    • Visit pigfarminc.com for more information
  • Get Trashed-
    • Nationwide fly fishing and trash pick-up event
    • Team competition with each team comprised of at least 1 new member
    • Date TBD
    • Visit pigfarminc.com for more information
  • Chapter Fishing Social
    • Once a month
    • Opportunity to fish together as a chapter and check out new water
    • Will also be picking up trash along the water while we fish
  • Camp Alta Mons
    • Those present agreed to participate in Camp Alta Mons again this summer
  • Send any additional upcoming events to Patrick so he can put on the events calendar.

Social Media

  • The chapter meetings will be streamed live on Facebook for those who can’t attend
  • Please send any fishing related photos to roanokevalleytuphotos@gmail.com so they can be posted to the club’s Facebook, Instagram, and website
  • The new website is live
    • Request to Board of Directors to approve the website be changed from a WordPress site to .com
    • This will be $48/year and will remove ads as well as making the site easier to find through search engines
    • The new website also has links to National TU membership site with special introductory rate for new members
    • Officers and Board of Directors, please send a picture of yourself to be added to the website
  • There has been requests for a newsletter. This will be in an electronic format with members writing the content.

Other Business

  • A proposal was made and supported by members in attendance to raise money for trail cameras and dummy cameras to donate to Conservation Officers to help monitor and deter poaching along specified streams.
  • Dave Holliday gave a synopsis of his work to support local streams
    • Draft of plan is intended to be supportive and work in conjunction with VDGIF stocking plan
    • Goals include:
      • youth involvement and general license sales
      • Adjustment of upper and lower delayed harvest boundaries to match stream environment. The same idea with put & take areas.
    • The state has a program that designates stretches of water as Youth Only. There isn’t a designated section of water in our area. Wasena area of the Roanoke River is a possibility to propose to participate in the program
    • To help justify these programs, documentation is needed for buy in from various agencies and local governments
      • For example, water temperature of water that could possibly support hold over trout.
      • Document any hold over trout that are caught
  • Guest Speakers
    • Speakers are lined up for the meetings this year
      • These can be seen on the chapter website
    • A proposal will be going to the Board of Directors to create a budget for guest speakers to help offset some of the travel costs

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Rachel Higginbotham

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