January 17, 2018 Agenda


Roanoke Valley Chapter 308
Hollins University
Moody Student Center, Goodwin Room
January 17, 2018 – 7:00 pm



Welcome: New Members, Visitors, Special Guests



Bruce Ingram: Noted Author and Outdoor Writer
Topic: Hotspots and Tactics on the Upper New River and the Headwaters of the James Rivers


Volunteer / Event Calendar

November Recap

Annual Meeting – Election of Officers and Board of Directors, November 15
Slate of Officers for Election:
President – Patrick Frazier
Vice President – Rachel Higginbotham
Treasurer – Steve Elliot
Board of Directors – John Stinnett and Will Cohen

Ballast Point Open Fly Tying Nights (See Flyer)
Social Media and Website:
Call for photos (send them to roanokevalleytuphotos@gmail.com)
Need tentative event days and times to be put on a calendar of events (send these to flybum540@gmail.com)
Donating trail cams to VDGIF to use at Green Hill Park and Salem City Delayed Harvest Sections
Initial planning to getting temperature monitors for Roanoke River and Glade Creek, so that we can start the process of turning these fisheries into Catch and Release Areas.
Ideas about local streams that could be suggested to VDGIF about turning into Delayed Harvest Streams and Catch and Release Streams.
Iron Fly: (http://pigfarmink.com/iron-fly/)
Date: April 15, 2018 at Ballast Point
December 16, 2018
Get Trashed: (http://pigfarmink.com/get-trashed)
Initial Planning: Date, stream, and where to meet before and after event.
Fishing/Clean Up Stream Dates
Fish with a TU member using social media
Establishing a budget for Guest Speakers



Committee / Volunteer Needs

Final Announcements
Stream Reports
Fishing Lies, Door Prizes







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