Current Projects

Our Chapter has several projects that serve our community, our children and our veterans. Here’s a short video of our local efforts.

Volunteer Hours Reporting for 2021. 

Please email or use the contact form on this site for the volunteer reporting spread sheet plus a guidance document from TU for categorizing volunteer hours you had from April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022.  The documents will be emailed to you upon request.   This would include Trout Unlimited as well as Project Healing Waters hours.  At this time our website does not allow outside attachments.

Once completed email to Lewis Smith at

Trout in the Classroom: 2022

We are sponsoring, in 25 area schools, a program called Trout In the Classroom or “TIC” for short.  Elementary, middle and high schools participate.  We provide a tank, chiller, and much more equipment plus food and a couple hundred brook trout eggs.  Our goal is to provide a real-life opportunity for the students to learn how sensitive the aquatic habitat is.  They must monitor and maintain proper temperature, oxygen and water pH, plus feed the small fingerlings after the eggs hatch.  Learn more.  If you are one of the teachers in the TIC program, check out  TIC for Teachers

Here is the latest trout release update for 2022:
          April 8:  (Friday)    Glenvar High and Middle Schools
         April 13: (Wednesday) Andrew Lewis Middle School, (approximately 90 students) The teacher has plenty of activities planned and will divide the students into groups of 15. I definitely will need help that day. It would be great if we could have two stations for the macroinvertebrate identification.
I will have fly rods and spinning rods available for casting instruction to be done in the parking lot. If you remember I  have large plastic fish layed out in the lot that  the students try to catch. I will definitely need help in this area.
          April 21: (Thursday) On this day there will be 2 release sites: Woodrow Wilson and James Madision Middle Schools will be releasing at Roaring Run.
Fishburn Park Elementary School will be releasing in the Roanoke River at Smith Park.
I have requested that all teachers have activities planned but I would like to have volunteers at both sites. I can give fly rods and spinning rods to both groups to teach casting. Also, I would like to have someone at both sites doing macroinvertebrate identification.
I would appreciate any volunteers on any of those days, especially April 13 and April 21, 2022.

Please contact Dave Mueller if you are available to assist.

Project Healing Waters:


As the Nation’s premier nonprofit organization, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. envisions a community where all participants can heal.

We hold the following core values as central to our success

Compassion – Our organization enables the physical and emotional recovery of our participants as it restores the bond of trust that they built while serving this great Nation.

Accountability – Our organization remains accountable to our Nation, to our participants, to our volunteers, to our sponsors, and to our donors.

Consistency – Our organization reliably provides high-quality programs for all volunteers and participants based-upon well-understood standards of excellence.

Community – Our organization creates a sense of family by supporting one another with dignity, passion, respect, and humility.

Initial Planning for a Catch and Release Section of the Roanoke River:

We are beginning a planning effort to work with VDGIF to establish a Catch and Release section on the Roanoke River much like that just established on the South River in downtown Waynesboro.  See attached presentation and proposal below used by the South River effort.

Download the following links to see more.

Roanoke TU

South River Recreational Fishery Proposal 2nd draft-Flytyr0908

And lots more…..:  We assist VDGIF in the stocking the Roanoke River; and the semi-annual cleanup of the Roanoke River Greenway.  We provide a booth and activities at several kids fishing derbies throughout Roanoke Valley.  We were a key sponsor and founding member of the Glade Creek Restoration Project that was dedicated to restoring the habitat of Glade Creek.  Check out all that we did at our website, Help Glade Creek.  You do not have to be a member of Trout Unlimited to volunteer to help.

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